BlizzardBoard Themes for iOS 15 to 15.5 beta 1,4 and iOS 14.

BlizzardBoard Themes

BlizzardBoard is a best-theming engine for iOS 15 to 15.5 beta 1,4 and iOS 14, This app is Supported by TrollStore. the app can change all icons on your home screen.

When you open the BlizzardBoard app, it will show you all the installed themes for your iOS device.

BlizzardBoard Dev By Benjamin Hornbeck.

BlizzardBoard Compatibility

BlizzardBoard app & TrollStore is Supported by iOS 14. x – iOS 15.4.1, on iOS 15.5 beta 5.

iOS 15.5 RC / full build is Not supported.

iOS 15.6 beta 5 higher (including iOS 15.6 RC / full build) is Not supported.

Anything lower than iOS 14.0 is Not supported.

Note: This BlizzardBoard app, requires a TrollStore App.

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BlizzardBoard for Themes

Ceramic Theme


White Pearl

Worst Pride

Mint 4



Worst Pride




Worst Pride