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The only IPAs library that updates on a daily basis, We are adding new IPAs and removing the “not working” IPAs everyday. 

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Release v10.1.0

Fugu15 Max Jailbreak

iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 (A12-A15)


Release v1.7


Certificate for signing

xina jailbreak
XinaA15 Jailbreak

Release v1.1.8


Release v1.10.7


Release v2_12.25.0


Release v275.1


Release v3.9.1_9.49

Ra1ncloud Jailbreak

Release v0.4


Release v0.1.0-alpha

PostBox Beta

Release v8.1


Release V28.4.1


Release v_1.3

Bullfrog Assistant
Bullfrog Assistant

Release Now 2023

Cydia Demo

Release v0.1


Release v1.0

Zebra Demo

Release v1.1.30


FilzaEscaped iOS 16 (2023)..

Old OS

iOS 4 experience..


frame to a screenshot..


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What is an IPA library

IPA library is a collection of IPAs that can be installed directly to your iPhone / iPad without using the Apple app store. You can install these IPAs using AltStore, Trollstore, or Sideloadly.

Why should you need to download IPAs from an IPA library ?

You can download exclusive IPAs from IPA libraries which are not available in Apple App Store, Also you can download cracked and hacked IPAs to avoid in app purchases of Apple app store.

Why Senumy IPA Library is so special ?

Senumy is the largest IPA Library of the world, unlike other IPA libraries , Senumy adds new IPAs on a regular basis, Also Senumy IPA library updates Old IPAs to new ones and remove “not working’ IPAs. Almost every Semuny IPAs has been added or updated at 2022 / 2023.

Are Senumy IPAs safe ? 

Yes, all of the IPAs of the Senumy are 100% safe, we have tested all IPA before adding it to our website.

Are Senumy IPAs free to download ?

Yes, You can download any IPA from the Senumy IPA library for 100% free

Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone / iPad to download and install IPAs from the IPA library?

No, You can install IPAs to your non Jailbroken iPhones or iPads using using AltStore, Trollstore or Sideloadly.

I have already jailbroken my iPhone? What is the best solution to install IPAs to my device? 

You can install IPAs from the Cydia adding repos/ sources, 

These are the popular repos / sources to install IPAs using the Cydia

1. SiNfuL iPhone

2. App Cake

3. Insanely

4.  BigBoss Repo

5. HackYouriPhone

However you can download and install IPAs from your jailbroken iPhone from Senumy IPA library without any hassle. 

How to download and install an IPA file ?

Choose the category of the Senumy IPA library, then you can find the best IPA list of that category. Now you can download the IPA directly to your Windows or Mac computer. You can follow the guide from the downloaded page to install the IPA.

Can I download an IPA without a computer ?

Unfortunately, You must have a Windows or Mac computer to install IPA files to your iPhone/ iPad. Otherwise you can install IPAs directly your iOS device using.


Panda Helper


How to download paid games for free using Senumy IPA library ? 

Visit the Hacked games category of the Senumy IPA library, then select the IPA that you want to download and install.

What is the IPA ++ ?

You can download modified versions of some apps such as.



Cydia Demo

Zebra Demo




FileSwitcher Pro

You can experience more features using these ++ IPAs ( more than original ones)

Some hackers are adding more features to existing iOS apps to develop these ++ IPAs. You can download IPA ++ from our iOS ++ App IPAs category. We have only listed 100% IPAs on this list.

How to find best IPAs from Senumy IPA library ?

We have listed IPAs according to their popularity. You can find the best IPAs from above in each category. 

Are Senumy IPAs compatible with iOS 16 ?

Yes. Almost every IPAs of our IPA library is compatible with iOS 15 and iOS 16 versions. You can check the compatible iOS version from each IPA download page.

What are the most popular /trending IPAs at this time ?

Cowabunga, WDBFontOverwrite, Morfic, TrollStore, iPoGo v2.6.7, ZiniTevi, MovieBox PRO, Duolingo, KinoHome, TuTuBox, Repo Finder, iDark Mode, iPSW Hyperixa, etc. are the most popular /trending IPAs at this time. You can download these IPAs from the Trending IPAs section of the Senumy IPA library. 

Can I download foreign languages IPAs such as Korean, Japanese from the Senumy IPA library ?

Semuny only provides English versions of IPAs at this time. We have planned to released Japanese ,Korean and Chinese IPA libraries in the near future.

I have already installed an IPA from the Semuny IPA library. How can I install the latest version of this IPA ?

You can easily delete the old app, and download and install the latest version using using AltStore, Trollstore or Sideloadly.