Best Siri Shortcuts for iOS 16 to iOS 15.


In simple words, a shortcut is a quick way to get tasks done with your apps.

Shortcuts are very useful. Most of them will help you to do a lot of things faster and also you will be able to do more with your iOS device.

Within this article, you will find the best Siri Shortcuts for iOS 15 and iOS 14 as well as all the related information about Siri Shortcuts.

Latest Shortcuts

Tap Wallpaper

Get one of more than 3 million iPhone wallpapers in one tap.

ShowBoard iOS15

Customize iPhone Homescreen, icon Shadows Docks & More

Glance LS

Glance Your day, at a glance.

Water Eject

Powerful Water Ejection System


Update your Lockscreen with live weather conditions.

iOS 16 Concept

iOS 16 features

App Drawer

App drawer for iOS (like on Android)

Safari Auto Scroll

Read the web hands-free with automatic scrolling.

Homescreen Creator

Build an image using overlay on your Homescreen.

ClassicLS (iOS 15)

iOS 6 style Lockscreen


Blur half of your wallpaper.

ClassicaLS (iOS 14)

iOS 6 style Lockscreen.


Apply overlay effects to your icons

SnapFrame 4

Generate iPhone mockup with wrap app screenshots.


Generate iPhone mockup with wrap app screenshots.

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Social Network

Pritam Download iOS 15 – iOS 13

The most advanced download tool any social platforms.

R⤓ Download – iOS 15 – iOS 13

Download Videos, Photos and Stories From Anywhere.

Dictate Auto Message

Schedule text messages with just your voice!


Download photos, videos and HQ GIFs from a public tweet


A standalone downloader for TikTok without watermark

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

YouTube PiP

Play YouTube video picture in picture.

Instagram Media Saver

Save photos, videos, stories, and reels.

WhatsApp Menu

WhatsApp, easily messaging others, creating a status or opening the app


Water Eject

Powerful Water Ejection System

Battery Dependent

New options for battery

Meme Generator

Allows you to quickly make Memes

Number Counter


Battery Manager

Ultimate Downloader

Safari Auto Scroll

Google Translate

iOS 16 Concept




Photo & Video

Photo Details

Shot on iPhone watermark to photos


Quick Icon Maker

SnapICON 3.2

Overlay Paper Tear!

Icon Set Preview Generator

Take a Frontback

Auto Flooder

Blurred Background Frame

Jailbreak Tools

App Installer

How to get the Shortcuts app

“Shortcuts” is pre-installed on devices that run iOS 13 and later. But if you have an older iOS version you have to download the app from the App Store.

When you add third-party shortcuts you should allow untrusted shortcuts first. 

Here are the steps to do that.

Step 01: If you install a Shortcut link for the first time. You can see below the message.

Tap “OK”.

Step 02: Launch your device’s “Settings” application.

Step 03: Tap “Shortcuts”.

Step 04: Find the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” slider and enable it by tapping on it.

Step 05: If you can’t find Allow Untrusted Shortcuts”. Go to Gallery and install any default shortcut. 

Then Enable  “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts”.

We recommend you view the shortcut steps of each of the shortcuts that you add to your iOS device so that you can make sure the trust of the shortcut that you are going to add to your iOS device,

How to use the Shortcut app to manage your Shortcuts

This shortcut app helps you with creating, editing, and deleting shortcuts. You can simply open this with one tap or by asking Siri. and also by visiting the “Gallery” tab, you will discover new ways to automate your shortcuts.

How to find new shortcuts in the Gallery

Step 01: Open the Shortcut App.

Step 02: Tap on the Gallery tab.

Step 03: Under Shortcuts from your apps tap on “See All”. 

Step 04: Tap “Add +” next to the shortcut which you want to add.

Step 05: Tap “Add to Siri”. 

Now, in order to run your shortcuts, just say “Hey Siri” and the name of the shortcut.

Shortcuts and Siri

As you already know, Siri is the virtual assistant of your iPhone. You can easily run shortcuts with Siri that you have already installed on your iOS device.

How to run a Shortcut with Siri

It is simple and easy. First, you have to call Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. 

Then just say the name of the shortcut that you want to run.

Best Siri Shortcuts list

  1. Share Location
  2. Directions Home
  3. Walk to the Coffee Shop
  4. Do Not Disturb the Timer
  5. Say Cheese
  6. Running Late
  7. Intelligent Power
  8. Speed Dial
  9. RSS Reader
  10. Make Top 25 Playlist