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Experience the finest third-party Senumy IPA Store, offering exclusive tweaks and apps without jailbreaking. Senumy IPA Store is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

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Senumy IPA Store Features.

Ad-Free – We take great pride in ensuring our users enjoy the best experience, and to achieve this, we do not include any annoying banners or popup ads within our apps.

Fast & Reliable – Our team works tirelessly around the clock to address all known issues and bugs, ensure that all apps are up-to-date, and add new apps as requested by our users.

Secure – Senumy IPA Store is a highly trusted service within the community, serving as a platform for developers to distribute their apps.

Senumy IPA Store included Apps.

SenIPA Library.

SenIPA is compatible with the latest iPhone and iPad models, supporting iOS versions 16 to 17.5. All IPAs undergo security review by developers, guaranteeing an ad-free experience and timely updates for non-functional IPAs.

IPAs are exclusively in English, and installation is hassle-free, no additional software is required. Just one click from the online store and you’re good to go.

Senumy IPA Library.

The Senumy IPA library stands out as one of the largest collections of IPAs available.

What distinguishes us is our dedication to regularly updating our collection by adding new IPAs and removing revoked ones. Each IPA undergoes manual security scans before being included in our Senumy IPA download collection.

Zentify Game Library.

Discover hacked, modded, and modified game IPAs without in-app purchases and install them directly on your iOS device, no Apple ID is required.

Explore exclusive modded games and large files in the Zentify IPA Library, compatible with iOS 16 to 17.5. Enjoy regular updates with new game files, including the latest trending game IPAs.

Emula Library.

Discover Emula Library for an exceptional emulator experience, directly downloadable on your iPhone and iPad. Enjoy seamless usage on your favorite devices, without relying on the ‘date trick’ or worrying about crashes due to revoked certificates.

No jailbreaking is required. Explore apps like PPSSPPDolphiniOSGBA4iOSLimónRetroArchiNDSHappy ChickDeltaGamePad, and more.

Velixa Library.

The Velixa IPA Library offers iOS users an extensive collection of IPA files.

Providing access to a diverse range of apps and tweaks. Furthermore, it includes a sideloading library featuring both Regular and TrollStore IPAs.

AltList Library.

Introducing a modern AppList app for repositories, providing IPA++ apps, games, and tweak alternatives.

Easily browse, download, or install iOS apps from your preferred sources, supporting iOS versions 14 through the latest iOS 17.5 on both iPhone and iPad.

Zignee Library.

Zignee is an exclusive IPA library with unique files. Install it directly on your iOS device to access free IPAs.

The Zignee team consistently updates their store, removing revoked IPAs and adding new ones.

zJailbreak Store.

zJailbreak is more than an IPA library; it’s a third-party app store offering jailbreaks and third-party iOS apps.

While its primary focus is on jailbreaks, it also hosts numerous IPAs. Currently, zJailbreak is the world’s most popular premium jailbreak app store, with over 1.5 million downloads.

Cydia2 Store.

Cydia or Cydia 2 isn’t an IPA library, but it offers access to top signed/unsigned IPAs. If your iOS version is 16.5.1 or below, Cydia is the go-to for IPA installations, requiring jailbreaking and AppSync.

But for the latest iOS version, you can use Cydia 2 to download IPAs from specific repos within it.

JBIPAs Store.

Introducing JBIPAs Store, a new IPA Store for iOS versions 9.0 to 17.0 on iPhone and iPad.

With JBIPAs Store, access numerous jailbreak features, making it the go-to for effortless jailbreak IPA options on any iDevice.

WuXu’s Library.

Welcome to WuXu’s Library++! Discover the newest ++Apps, updated daily! Explore a diverse collection of your favorite ++apps, including tweaked apps, free streaming options, cracked apps, and more.

Quorix IPA Library.

Welcome to Quorix IPA Library, your one-stop for TrollStore-based tweaks, apps, and themes.

Discover a curated collection of Trollipa IPAs for an intuitive iOS experience. Stay tuned for regular updates. Explore Quorix IPA Library for the best Trollipa IPAs.

Nexara IPA Library.

Welcome to Nexara IPA Library! Explore the latest KFD IPAs for unique apps and tweaks not found in the Apple App Store.

No Cydia support is required: enjoy seamless integration with this new package manager, simplifying KFD IPA management and installation for a smooth modification experience.

TrollApps Library.

Welcome to TrollApps IPA Library! An alternative hub for TrollStore users, offering a unique experience compared to the iOS App Store. Directly download from repositories and install within TrollStore.

Compatible with iOS 14.0 – iOS 17.0, it seamlessly integrates repositories with IPA or tIPA files, providing easy access to a variety of apps and games.

CoolStore Library.

CoolStore Library: A true TrollStore alternative, exclusively for apps requiring an IPA installer for sideloading.

For optimal functionality, use TrollStore or TrollStore 2 for installation. Compatible with iOS 14 to iOS 17.0 on all devices.