Fugu14 Untethered Jailbreak

Fugu14 Untethered Jailbreak

Great exciting news for jailbreakers!

There is a new jailbreak finally released last Sunday 24th October 2021, which supports iOS 14 – 14.5.1 versions. You will find all the related information about this Fugu14 jailbreak like supported devices, supported iOS versions, features, and all, from this page. 

Linus Henze aka @LinusHenze  from Koblenz, Germany is the developer of this newest Fugu14 jailbreak and he has started a new stage of iOS jailbreak history by releasing Fugu14 Jailbreak. Fugu14 Jailbreak is the second jailbreak tool based on the checkm8 exploit.

fugu14 Jailbreak

What is Fugu14 jailbreak?

Fugu14 Jailbreak is the first open-source jailbreak tool based on the checkm8 exploit. 

More details of this jailbreak are, it is going to be an untethered jailbreak. If you jailbreak your device using Fugu14, you can reboot your device without losing jailbreak. That is, once you are jailbroken, you don’t have to download and run an application like Unc0ver or Taurine, or Chimera. Once you are done, you are jailbroken. If you want to remove the jailbreak, you have to restore your device. 

According to the developer, once after jailbreaking with Fugu14, jailbroken devices will be compatible with Sileo or Cydia. 

Another thing is, Fugu14 also requires you to connect the iDevice to the Mac computer in order to be jailbroken.

Fugu14 Jailbreak for Windows

As previously mentioned this Fugu14 untethered jailbreak also needs a Computer to jailbreak your device. But currently, Mac is the only compatible computer for Fugu14. Also, there is no news about Windows compatibility yet.

iOS Versions compatibility of Fugu14

iOS 14.5.1 / iOS 14.5 / iOS 14.4.2 / iOS 14.4.1 / iOS 14.4 (Support A12 / A13 / A14)

Device compatibility of Fugu14

Fugu14 supports all the arm64e devices on iOS 14.3 – 14.5.1. That is, iPhone XS and newer devices. 

  • A14 – iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • A13 – iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • A12 – iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR
  • A14 – iPad Air (4th generation)
  • A12 – iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation / iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)
  • A12 – iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) / iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation)
  • A12 – iPad Air (3rd generation) / iPad (8th generation) / iPad mini (5th generation)

Features of Fugu14

  • The kernel exploit is extremely reliable (it will never trigger a kernel panic)
  • A simple TCP shell is available on port 1337
  • Trustcaches put in /.Fugu14Untether/trustcaches/ will be loaded automatically
  • Executables put in /.Fugu14Untether/autorun/ will be launched during boot (make sure to also create a trust cache for your executable!)
  • Supports Siguza’s libkrw library (load /usr/lib/libkrw/libFugu14Krw.dylib and call krw_initiolizer)
  • (Jailbreak Developers: You can make your jailbreak untethered just by creating a CLI version that supports libkrw, copying it to /.Fugu14Untether/autorun/ and writing a trust cache to /. Fugu14Untether/trustcaches/)

How to download Fugu14

You can download Fugu14 from the following link. 


Now let’s see how to jailbreak using Fugu14.

How to Jailbreak using Fugu14

There are two methods you can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad using Fugu14.

Method 1: Using Altstore

You need mac or a windows PC in order to jailbreak with Fugu. 

First, you need to install Altstore. If you guys have already installed Altstore, you need to update the alt server on your computer.


Step 1: Open Safari and head over to  unc0ver.dev to dow

Step 1: Open Safari and head over to  unc0ver.dev to download unc0ver.

Step 2: Click on “Open in AltStore”.

You will have to sign in with your Apple ID and password. 

Step 3: Then you will have to tap on “Install Untethered Jailbreak”.

End of the installation process, tap on “Open Placeholder” and then you will continue in the app. 

Step 4: Now tap on “Setup Fugu14”.

Step 5: There will be a pop-up which says “Open Altstore to continue installing the Untethered”. Tap “OK”. 

Step 6: Tap on “Open Placeholder”. 

Step 7: Tap on “Install Untethered”. 

Your device will be rebooted. 

Step 8: Open Unc0ver and tap on “Jailbreak”. 

Now there will be a pop-up notification that says “Jailbreak Completed. And the device will respring. 

Then you will be able to see the Cydia app icon on your home screen!

How to install AltStore on your Mac

Step 1: Download AltStore to your Mac.

Step 2: Double-click on the download folder to unzip it and drag the unzipped file to the Applications folder.

Step 3: Double-click and open the AltStore. 

Step 4: You will see the AltStore menu bar options in the top right of the menu bar. Then go down and select “Install Mail Plug-ins”.

Step 5: Go to the mail and go to Preferences → Manage plug-ins and enable AltStore plug-ins. then click on Apply.

Step 6: Connect your iOS device to the Mac. You will have to trust the connection if this is your first time.

Step 7: In your Mac, go to the menu bar and click on AltStore. And then select Install AltStore.

You will have to enter your Apple ID and Password.

Step 8: After installation is succeeded, AltStore will appear on your iPhone. 

Before opening it go to Settings → General → Device Management. Select on your Apple ID and tap on “Trust”.

How to install AltStore on your Windows PC

Step 1: Uninstall the Microsoft version of iTunes and then download iTunes and iCloud directly from Apple’s site and install them.

Step 2: Download AltStore to your Windows machine(from altstore.io) and install it. 

You will be able to find AltStore from the System tray. 

Step 3: Connect your iOS device to the Windows machine. You will have to Trust the connection first. 

Step 4: Go to the system tray and click on AltStore. Then click Install.

After entering your Apple ID and password you will be able to install AltStore on your iOS device. 

Step 5: On your iOS 14.7 device, go to Settings → Device Management → Click on your Apple ID → Click “Trust”.

Method 2: Using Xcode and Mac

In order to jailbreak with Fugu14, you need to have the following requirements. 

  • Supported device running a supported iOS version.
  • The device must be connected via USB
  • IPSW for your device unzipped
  • Need to have Xcode installed
  • You need to have iproxy and device installer installed (brew install usbmuxd device installer)

This process may seem somewhat complex but it’s not. We just need to install a bunch of applications. But if you follow the below guide correctly you will end up jailbreaking your device easily. 

It may only take 10 – 15 minutes and you need to have a Mac computer as well. 

Step 01: Open your Mac and at first you need to download Xcode from the app store. (Open the app store, search for it and download it).

Step 02: Once Xcode is installed, open a new terminal and just copy and paste the following command. 

sudo Xcode-select –switch /Applications/Xcode.app

Step 03: Download Python from the following link.


Step 04: Next, install Homebrew. 


Open the macOS terminal and paste the command on the website to install Homebrew.

Step 05: Next you need to download iOS firmware for your device. 


Step 06: Then you need to download Fugu14. 


Step 07: Double-click and extract the zip file once it is downloaded. 

Now double click and open the folder → open “arm” → open “iOS” → open “fugu14App” → open “fugu14App.Xcode”. 

It will open up with Xcode and then, 

Click on “Fugu14App” → click on “Targets” → click on “Signing and Capabilities” → Under team, you need to select your Apple ID.

If you don’t see your Apple ID just click on “Add an account” and add your Apple ID. 

If you get an error like “Failed to register bundle identifier”, change the app identifier from “de.linushenze.fuzu14” to something else. Then tap on “Try again”.

Step 08: Now go back to the Fugu14 master find the ios_install.py and run it. Open the terminal type cd and drag the Fugu14-master folder and tap enter. 

Now type python3 drag the ios_install.py and click on enter. 

Then you will see the following message.

Step 09: Now right-click on the terminal and open a new window. Then paste the given command.

Step 10: Then on the previous terminal press enter and continue.

Step 11: Select “y” when it asks you to compile jailbreak. 

You need to ensure that the unzipped IPSW of your installed iOS is available and mounted in macOS.

Step 12: Type the name of your iOS signing certificate. To find that, 

Open Settings → General → Device Management → Developer app → You can see your certificate here. 

Now Fugu14 will compile. 

You will see the message “BUILD SUCCEEDED”.

Step 13: Now tap enter and follow the given instructions.

Step 14: Now install unc0ver from https://unc0ver.dev and install unc0ver with AltStore.

Step 15: It will show “Unsupported” until you jailbreak with Fugu14. After a successful jailbreak with Fugu14, head back to Unc0ver to “jailbreak” again!