The largest IPA library in the world.

Senumy – The only 100% safe IPA library in the world. 

Senumy is the only safely guaranteed IPA library in the world. Third-party IPAs and tweaked apps can cause severe security issues, such as calendar spamming, phishing, data leaks, and even credit card information theft. Learn more.

So Senumy’s mission was to develop an IPA library with 100% user safety.

The Senumy team scans all IPAs before adding them to the Senumy IPA library.

Senumy also provides an IPA library that can be used to download and install IPAs through AltStore, Trollstore, Esign, Scarlet, and Sideloadly.

However, Senumy can only guarantee 100% safety for IPAs that are available on the iOS versions supported by the Senumy IPA library.

Why Senumy IPA library is So special?

Always adding new IPAs 

Our team always updates the Senumy IPA library adding the latest IPAs and removing “not working” ones

Almost every day, we add or remove even a single IPA to provide the best user experience for those who download IPAs from Senumy.

Jailbreak IPAs for online Jailbreak 

Senumy has listed almost every jailbreak IPA that you can use to jailbreak your device online. With Senumy’s jailbreak IPAs, users can easily jailbreak their devices without the need for computers or complex jailbreaking methods. 

iOS 17(link)  or iOS 17.1 Jailbreak  ( link) for more info related to the Jailbreaking of the latest iOS versions. 

Download all the latest versions of IPAs

Senumy has listed only the latest versions of IPAs. Most IPA libraries are not updating their old IPAs, which are not supported on the latest iOS versions, such as iOS 17, to replace the latest IPA.