How to Use 3uTools IPA Signature for iPhone & iPadOS.

3uTools IPA Signature

Many people agree that using the 3uTools IPA Signature method is the best way to install IPA files. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Mac or a Windows PC; installing IPA files on your iPhone or iPad is pretty simple. Just start by downloading & installing 3uTools on your Mac or Windows PC.

To get unlisted apps on your device, you can sign them either with a certificate or your Apple ID and then proceed with the usual installation. Just make sure you have your certificate or Apple ID ready along with the IPA files.

3uTool IPA Signature
  • Apple ID signature: It’s free for developers or users, but it’s only valid for 7 days.

How to Use 3uTools IPA Signature.

Use the certificate signing method.

Step 01. Find “IPA Signature” in the “Toolbox” section of 3uTools.

IPA Signature

Step 02. Click on “Add IPA File” to select the IPA file that needs to be signed.

Add IPA File

Step 03. Click on “Import Certificate” to select the certificate and description file for signing. After adding them, enter the certificate password.

Import Certificate

Step 04. After you’ve added all the IPA files and certificate files, you can choose where to save the files after signing, depending on your preferences.

IPA files and certificate files

Step 05. Verify the IPA file and certificate for signing, then click “Start Signing.”

Start Signing

If you don’t possess a certificate file, you can sign with your Apple ID by following the steps below.

Use the Signing method with Apple ID:

Step 01. Select “Sign with Apple ID-Add Apple ID,” then enter your Apple ID and password for signing. Afterward, choose or input the device identification corresponding to the device where the IPA file will be installed after signing.

Sign with Apple ID-Add Apple ID

Step 02. After verifying, click “Confirm.” It’s advisable to connect your iOS device to 3uTools before proceeding, ensuring the device identification (UDID) can be read. If the device isn’t connected, you’ll need to manually enter the device identification. Once the Apple ID is added, the signature information will appear in the list below.

click "Confirm

Step 03. Next, add the IPA file requiring signing, verify both the IPA file and the Apple ID used for signing, and then click “Start Signing.” Once signing is successful, you can install the application through 3uTools. After installation, make sure to trust the application by navigating to “Settings > General > Profile” before opening it on your iOS device for the first time.

add the IPA file requiring signing

Just so you know, the location where the signed IPA file is saved might not match the original file’s location. After signing, simply click on the “Open Signed IPA Location” button. You’ll find all the signed IPA files ready for installation in this directory.

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