IPA Library [ Top 10 in the World ]

IPA Library [ Top 10 of the world ] 

You can download the top 10 IPA libraries in the world on this page. We have manually reviewed all the IPA libraries worldwide to compile this exclusive list of the best 10 which you cannot download anywhere else.

01. SenIPA Library.

Senipa is the exclusive freemium IPA library that can be downloaded for free from the following links. All IPAs in this library have been added after manual review. You can find exclusive IPAs on Senipa that are 100% secure, addressing your security and privacy concerns.

  • SenIPA is compatible with all the latest iPhone and iPad models, including the latest iOS versions such as iOS 16 – 17. 
  • The developers of SenIPA manually review the IPAs before adding them to this IPA library, so you don’t need to worry about security and privacy issues. 
  • There are no ads in this IPA store.
  • Developers are constantly removing non-functional IPAs and updating the app with new IPA files.
  • All of the IPAs in this library are in English. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese IPA files are not published in their library.
  • You do not need a Windows or Mac computer or supporting software such as AltStore, Trollstore, Esign, Scarlet, and Sideloadly. To install IPAs from Senipa, you can install all IPAs with just one click from the online store.

02. Senumy IPA Library.

Senumy IPA library is one of the biggest IPA collections listed by us. However, our IPA library is different from others because we continuously add new IPAs and remove revoked ones. We manually scan all IPAs for security issues before adding them to our Senumy IPA download collection.

Senumy IPA Library
  • This IPA library is similar to iOS Ninja, iPAOMTK, IPALibrary.me, iPASpot, CyPwn IPA Library, and IPAmody, but we can guarantee that security and quality are higher than theirs.
  • You can download IPAs directly from the Senumy homepage without aggressive and unsafe advertisements.
  • Download the most recent versions of trending IPAs for free.
  • Almost every IPA is compatible with the latest iOS device models and iOS versions. However, you can ensure IPA compatibility from the IPA download pages.

03. Zentify Game Library.

Zentify is the best IPA library exclusively targeted for games. Some of the games available for free download from this IPA library are only found in the paid section of the Apple App Store, while others are modded games with extra features. Furthermore, you can avoid unjust payments, like certain in-app purchases in some games from this IPA library. 

Zentify Game Library
  • Download IPAs for hacked, modded, and modified games ( no in-app purchases IPAs) and install them directly on your iOS device without using your Apple username or password.
  • You can download exclusive modded games and large files directly from the Zentify IPA Library.
  • Developers continuously update this IPA collection, adding new game files.
  • You can download currently trending IPAs, such as

04. Zignee Library.

Zignee is another exclusive IPA library that provides unique IPA files that you cannot find anywhere else. You can install Zignee directly to your iOS device and install IPAs from Zignee for free.  The Zignee team is removing revoked IPAs and adding new IPAs to their store recently.

Zignee Library
  • IPAs of Zignee are compatible with the latest iOS versions such as.
  • iOS 17.0 / iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3 / iOS 17.1.2 / iOS 17.2 / iOS 17.2.1 / iOS 17.3 RC.
  • You can install Zignee from the Senumy store for free. This is a premium library that doesn’t have any ads.

05. zJailbreak Store.

zJailbreak is not just an IPA library.  It is a third-party app store that lists jailbreaks and third-party iOS apps. However, there are also many IPAs available in zJailbreak. Currently, zJailbreak is the most popular premium jailbreak app store in the world, with more than 1.5 million downloads.

zJailbreak Store
  • zJailbreak is the most popular third-party app store, and it has been continuously updating since iOS 12. Now, zJailbreak is compatible with the latest iOS 17 versions.
  • You can download exclusive iPhone / iPad 3rd part and Jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes from Jailbreak
  • You do not need to jailbreak your device to install zJailbreak or any zJailbreak apps.
  • zJailbreak can be considered an app store for app stores. You can find many IPA libraries on zJailbreak

06. Cydia2 Store.

Cydia or Cydia 2 is not an IPA library, but you can install the best signed/unsigned IPAs from Cydia. If your iOS version is 16.5.1 or below, Cydia is the best option for installing IPA files. Jailbreaking your device and installing AppSync is the recommended method for installing IPA files.

However, if you are using the latest iOS version, you can install Cydia 2 and download IPAs from some repos available in Cydia 2.

Cydia2 Store
  • Cydia’s App sync is the best method to install IPA files for jailbreakable old versions of devices. However, the latest versions of apps and games are not available for this App sync method.
  • There are many Cydia apps available other than AppSync to install IPA files such as Cydia Installer. 
  • You can download some popular IPA files from some repos for Cydia 2 for the latest iOS versions.

07. Velixa Library.

The Velixa IPA Library offers an amazing collection of IPA files, providing iOS users access to the apps and tweaks. It also features a sideloading library with Regular and TrollStore IPAs.

Velixa Library
  • Find a variety of apps and tweaks designed to fit your various preferences and needs. 
  • The Velixa IPA Library features a unique interface, making it simple for users to browse and install IPA files. 
  • No expert knowledge is required; installation guides are provided. In addition, it enables the integration of TrollStore support.

08. JBIPAs Store.

JBIPAs Store is another brand-new IPA Store for the latest iOS 17.0 to iOS 9 version of iPhone and iPad. You can access numerous jailbreak features from it. 

This is the best store to find easy jailbreak options for any iDevice.

JBIPAs Store
  • We offer 100% trusted and functional IPAs only. You can find jailbreak tools based on your device’s version.
  • Even if you’re non- jailbreak user, you can still discover jailbreak options in it to enjoy the best iOS customization experience.

09. Quorix IPA Library.

Welcome to Quorix IPA Library, the only destination for getting TrollStore-based tweaks, apps, and themes. 

Meet a collection of Trollipa IPAs for a delightful and playful iOS experience.

Quorix IPA Library
  • Quorix IPA Library has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for users to find, download, and install Trollipa IPAs, adding the world’s best enhancements to their iOS devices.
  • Explore Quorix IPA Library, where TrollStore support meets the best Trollipa IPAs.

10. Nexara IPA Library.

Nexara IPA Library is packed with the latest KFD IPAs, offering users a unique selection of apps and tweaks designed to personalize their devices.

Nexara IPA library
  • The KFD IPAs from the Nexara IPA library offer users amazing apps and tweaks that are not available in the Apple AppStore.
  • No Cydia support is required, you can experience seamless integration with this new package manager.
  • It simplifies KFD IPA management and installation for a smooth modification experience.