Odyssera1n is mainly developed by CoolStar, the creator of Chimera/Odyssey. With Odyssera1n, you can install Sileo as the default package manager while using checkra1n for jailbreaking. It includes Libhooker, an alternative to substrate/substitute designed for speed and stability, and Procursus, an open-source and modern bootstrap that aims to provide a large set of consistently up-to-date tools.

Download Odysseyra1n IPA from your computer to install it using Altstore, Sideloadly, TrollStore, Scarlet, and Esign.


How to Install Odysseyra1n Jailbreak.


AltStore is an iOS app that lets you sideload IPA files onto your device using your Apple ID. It re-signs apps with your personal certificate, supporting iOS 12.2 and ensuring compatibility with iOS 17. x

Install IPA file with AltStore Tool >>


Sideloadly, a Cydia Impactor alternative works on Windows and macOS. Even without these operating systems, you can sideload IPA files directly to your iOS device, supporting versions iOS 7 to iOS 17. x.

Install IPA file with Sideloadly Tool >>


TrollStore is a permasigned jailed app that can permanently install any IPA installer, supporting iOS 15.0 – 15.6 (RC), and iOS 14.0 – 14.8.1. It works by using AMFI/CoreTrust to verify that the root certificate is used to sign the app and not revoke it.

Install IPA file with TrollStore Tool >>


ESign is a free mobile IPA signature tool for iOS, allowing you to sign apps with your own certificates and install them on your iPhone or iPad. It serves as a sideloading alternative with support for iOS 11 up to iOS 17. x, enabling the installation of IPA files without a computer.

Install IPA file with E-Sing Tool >>


Scarlet is installed with this tool, which allows you to add jailbroken repos and install IPA, all without a jailbreak, with support for iOS 11 up to iOS 17. x

Install IPA file with Scarlet Tool >>

Compatibility Device & iOS Vision

Odysseyra1n is only fully supported on A8, A9, A10(X), and A11 devices. A8X and A9X devices are only fully supported up to 14.4.2 using an older version of checkra1n, with a special method required for A8X and A9X devices on 14.5 to 14.8.1, which is detailed in Installing Odysseyra1n (A8X/A9X).